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Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

The majorly affected areas selected by Manav Seva Sansthan “Seva” in the Uttarkhand State after correctly monitoring the devastated areas and measuring other indicators. We ensured that the areas may be selected keeping in mind accessibility to deliver the relief measures to the end beneficiaries

MSS started providing instant support to 578 families in 17 villages. The project also organized 4 health camps providing medical relief to 818 people. After the disaster, as MSS moved into the affected area, the first focus was to rescue and immediate relief. This involved providing psychosocial counseling and assuring their survival providing them with food, tents, creating temporary shelters, keeping the supply lines open and maintained for relief products to reach in the affected villages.

50 families were rehabilitated in temporary shelters. Permanent shelters were facilitated to 150 families selected and nominated by the CBOs.

Reconstruction of a primary school in Buluakot of Dharchula Tehsil with a provision of lavatory for boys and girls. It was declared that the excelling students would be provided free coaching for higher education.

50 elite and affected children were identified and were provided with Books, Stationary goods, text and study material and a year scholarship for education.

Distance of villages from a well-connected point is a major challenge for SEVA relief work to proceed. Villages are located on the higher ridges of mountains and are at an average distance of 4-5kms from each other. Therefore, the relief distribution pattern will involve tremendous amount of walking by the volunteers and villagers themselves. Here Seva Awas Awam Punarniwas Samitte played a vital role in selecting the affected villages and facilitating SEVA relief to them.

In most of the places, it is not possible to reach without the support of army/paramilitary forces. Therefore, MSS Seva has a strategic advantage of having collaboration with SSB. We were hugely assisted by SSB (Shastra Seema Bal) who helped us in conducting rescue missions, relief distribution and health camps. SSB allocated volunteers among their Jawans (soldiers) who helped in transportation of relief materials, managing the crowd and providing night stay to our team where hotels were inaccessible

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