Name : Asha Tripathi

Designation : Chairperson, (Manav Seva Sansthan)

MSS has completed 25 years of soulful existence which started from a heartfelt effort by Sir Uma Shankar Tripathi to reach to the less privileged communities, women and children and we would extend our gratitude to all our stakeholders, end beneficiary, government duty bearers, donors who have supported us in all these years, a journey which could not have been possible without the sheer cooperation, excellent team work and a determination to change the circumstances to the standards we aspire of a just society.

MSS has always focused on building a strong and committed brigade and we are proud of our team that has worked day and night in bringing the perpetrators to justice, to make people more aware and bridging the gap between need and availability of services. MSS tends to focus on improving the human rights spectrum at all levels, meaning from an individual up to the system at local and central government institutions for a sustainable change in the society. The result oriented initiatives for raising living standards, alleviating poverty and assuring food security for socially excluded communities had helped us to showcase ourselves properly in front of the government, police, funding organizations without whom our efforts in reaching to the masses would have gone in vain.

Some milestones achieved and miles to go in our realization of the goal. We believe the mission with which we have started has just begun and the baton has to be carried further with our collective efforts to create a just society. We aspire to learn, re-learn from our experience, and unlearn conventional methodologies to come up with more innovative and inclusive approach to ensure better reach into the grass root. In this endeavor of ours we would ask everyone to come together towards cumulative growth and development.