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Sustainable Agriculture

Seva conceptualized the movement for biodiversity conservation, Sustainable agriculture and farmers rights in 1988. SEVA had taken up the challenges to simultaneously make farming productive and minimize the harm to the resources and the wider environment upon which present and future generations depend. The organization is specialized in Integrated Intensive Vegetable Farming System. The technology provides an environmentally and economically sustainable solution for low-resource farmers operating on small and fragmented land holdings. Since the working area has potential for vegetable cultivation, the IIVFS has been quite successful not only in improving the economic condition, but also minimize the harm to resources and wider environment.

Sustainable Agriculture

LEISA, low external input sustainable agriculture is the type of agriculture that MSS SEVA promotes and advocates for because it complies with all the principles we believe agriculture should have. LEISA combines the use of low cost inputs with practices that ensure the sustainability of the farming way of life. Low cost inputs are organic in nature and therefore do not damage the soils, making crop production sustainable. The use of organic inputs also secures the production of safer, healthier and tastier fruits and vegetables.

Sustainable Agriculture

SEVA works with marginalized farmers on low external input sustainable agriculture in Eastern Uttar Pradesh with emphasis on soil fertility management, integrated pest management, water management, seed management, low cost processing of grains & vegetables and marketing. We demonstrate and disseminate farmer friendly low cost technologies through Agriculture Technology Resource Center.

Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”, is a not for profit organization established in 1988, working in North India with a mission to ensure socio-economic development of the poor and disadvantaged resembling vulnerable women and children devoid of basic rights through community based area development approach. Between inception and now MSS has undertaken a number of development programmes in several districts of.

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